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These 500+ Utah Healthcare Workers Openly Support Abortion

  • Pro-Life Utah
  • 02/13/2020

The end of Roe vs. Wade is near. Both sides of the abortion debate know this, and the pro-abortion side is desperate. 

The Salt Lake Tribune recently ran a piece by Dr. David Turok, the abortionist and Director of Surgical Services at Planned Parenthood Association of Utah. In it, he predictably defends abortion as a woman’s right and decries pro-life bills as draconian and immoral. But we will not be deceived. This is a man who uses metal instruments and brutal techniques to kill babies as old as 21 weeks 6 days. We will not fall for his appeal to emotions or his pretense of “compassion”  (read Pro-Life Utah Vice President Deanna Holland’s rebuttal to his piece here). 

During the 2019 Utah legislative session, 2 maternal fetal medicine specialists (including one who sat on the board of Planned Parenthood) wrote an op-ed opposing the 18 week ban. 30 Utah MFMs (Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist) signed the op-ed in solidarity (read Pro-Life Utah’s piece exposing the names of these doctors). 

Now, Dr. Turok and other abortion defenders are trying this same strategy. A new website entitled “To Utah Legislators” lists the signatures of 500 people who are using their status within the healthcare field to try to shame Utah lawmakers into voting no to pro-life legislation during the 2020 session (it bears noting that a great deal of these individuals are not at all involved in the field of obstetrics/ gynecology; some are licensed clinical social workers, ear/ nose/ throat doctors, or are in other medical specialties that have nothing to do with pregnancy or abortion). The letter they put forth contains many troubling statements. Here are a few:

When the government interferes with the patient-provider relationship, the quality of medical care suffers.”

The primary purpose of government is to protect life. Additionally, as former abortion provider Kathi Aultman has written about, a doctor caring for a pregnant woman has two patients. Abortion-defenders conveniently leave out the second patient of the baby when speaking about patient-provider relationships. 

“ACOG recognizes that abortion is an essential component of health care for millions of women.”

The entire letter is making an appeal to authority by listing talking points of ACOG (the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) to try to boost their credibility. Watch below as Dr. Donna Harrison, M.D. explains before an April 2019 Senate Judiciary Committee why ACOG is not an independent, unbiased scientific source, but instead openly admits to being a pro-abortion activist organization.

“Abortion care is a part of quality pregnancy care.”

This statement reads like Orwellian doublespeak and is so blatantly false that it almost needs no explanation. Pregnancy is a gestational period where a new human being grows inside of its mother’s womb. Abortion deliberately ends the life of that new human being. That is anything but quality care. 

Here is the list of Utah healthcare workers who signed their name to the letter:

(as the names are not listed alphabetically, we suggest using the Ctrl+F option to search for any medical providers you may know)

David Turok MD, MPH
Willem O Schott MD
Joanne Rolls MPAS, MEHP
Erika A. Sullivan MD, MS, MS
Edward Ganellen MD
Melinda McAnulty MD
Carol Osborn MD
John Berneike MD
Marguerite P. Brown RN, MS
Nona Forbes BSN
Asha McClurg MD
Emily Hart Hayes BUS, MS
Kelly Kelso BSN, MSN
Lillian Khor MD, MSCI
Abigail Rizk MS
Danica Loveridge DNP
Jocelyn Yale DNP
Lori Gawron MD, MPH
Kathleen Burke RNC, MS
Stacey Bank, MD
Ann Flynn MD
Sara Lenherr MD, MS,
Jordan Johnsen APRN
Sarah Merrick MSN
Julie Lerman MD
Bernice Tenort BSN
Rebekah Birdsall DNP
Nathan Blue MD
Lauren Theilen MD
Jhenette Lauder MD
Marisa Adelman MD
Brett Einerson MD, MPH
Caleb Hopwood MD
Michelle Debbink MD/PhD
Meredith Humphreys MD
Stephanie Sampson MS
Rebecca Abbey MD, MPA
Jennifer E Kaiser MD
Michele Goldberg MD
Dorothy Echeverria RN
Melanie Wolcott-Klein RN, BSN
Kim Phillips BSN
Corinne Scott BS
Kayla Gatos MSN
Paige Miller CNM, WHNP
Meghan Higgins MS
Mara Rabin MD
Regan Haight MSN
Trece Swanson DNP
Lindsey Yanke MD
Aaron Gale MD
Mauli Dalal MD
Britt Hultgren MD
Julie Lassig MSN, CRNP
Kathryn Lee CNM
Crystal Norton MSN
Kevin Shilling MD
Samara Lazernick MD
Michelle Regruto MD
Kencee Graves MD
Erica Johnstone MD
Andrew J Gawron MD
Rita Sharshiner MD
Carissa Monroy MD
Sarah Zarek MD
Mitzi Siebert BSN
Jen Wei DO
Paloma Cariello MD
Cara Jones MSN, BSN
Mallorie Cracroft MD
Juliana Simonetti MD
Hilary Hewes MD
Janice LB Byrne MD
Ashley Seawright MSN
Eliotte Hirshberg MD
Patrick Greis MD
Marta Heilbrun MD, MS
Laura Moreno MD
Dann Byck MD
Geoffrey Crockett MD
Cara Heuser MD, MS
Amanda Breviu MD
Evangelia Lazaris MD
Lauren Nicola MD
Kelli C. Lund MD
Erik Bieging MD
Leah Cooper MD
Paul Krakovitz MD
Lindsey Carlson PhD
Mycah Spika
Lee Rogers MPAS
Heather Campbell MD
Sara Simonsen BSN, CNM
Tiffany Weber MD
Dan Collins MD
Dakota Chetrit PA-C, RD
Bethanie White MD
Courtney Henley MD
Susan Nourse MD
Jenifer Lingeman MD
Kathleen M Lawliss MD
Jenny Tuan MD
Jennifer Mallett ARDMS
Melani Harker MD
Heather Balch MD
Steve Huish MD
Theresa Kurtz MD
Kelly Nolan MD
Kevin Cummisford MD
Ruth Zimmer MD
Anna Ermarth MD
Sonja Raaum MD
David Gontrum MD
Eric Schenfeld MD
Diane Alonso MD
Hannah Stillin MD
Kristin Shields NP
Laura A. Pace MD, PHD
Lisa Western BSN, DNP
Stefani J. Day MD
Frank Powers MD
Sarah Heerboth MD
Zoë Cross MD
William Garzon DNP
Ellen Morrow MD
Tana Tippetts BS
Heather Cannon MSN
Andrew Freeman MD
Mark Michaels BSN
Ashley Benson MD, MA
Devin Timothy MPAS
Jay Johnson BS, RN
Adelaide Slack MD
Katie Yanguez DNP
Gretchen BSN
Cari Kapele BSN
Devin Petersen MPH, MPAS
Jessica Lewis-Caporal DNP
Jessica Blumhagen MD
Nathaniel Bryan MD
Elizabeth Nicholson MD
Audrey Roberts MD, IBCLC
Sierra Burt MPAS
Lindsay Wilson MD
Jen Scott MD
Megan Frausto BSN
Erin Clark MD
Debra Sue Martin MD
Alison Desano MD
William Peche MD
Lissa Riggs
Tiffany Glasgow MD
Carlos Guerra MD
Paula Guerra MD
Shawn E. Gurtcheff MD
Christina Bokat MD
Katie Peacock MD
Sara Jane Pieper MD
Sylvie Backman MD
Belinda Robison RN
Myrinda Barnes BSN
Gregory McComas MD
Susan Murphy MSN
Vilija Avizonis MD
Kirtly Jones MD
Kristin Barber MSN
Jamie Plimpton MPAS
Frances Johnson MSN
Alana M. Jonat MD
Kiersten Swindle MPAS
Anne Gry Wheaton MPAS
Alex Burringo MPAS
Elizabeth Smith MD
Dan McAtee MPAS, DPT
Catherine Bakewell MD
Aurelia Wann DNP
Kelsey Udy MPAS
Jessica Henrie BA Radiology
Lia Fiallos DO
Pamela A. Royer MD, MSCI
Patience Nelson MSN, CNM
Sean Slack DO
Katie Nicholls PA-C
Tricia Petzildy MD
Jessie Dorais MF
M. Sean Esplin MD
Jennifer Thomas MBA
Renae Power APRN
Pam Sunshinr MPAS
Kyra McComas MD
Shawna Sisler RN, NP
Alexandra Gee MPH
Abigail Brienn Jacketta NBSTSA
Sara Bybee MSW
Ruei Dean
Kristine Campbell MD
Jennifer Parker DO
Gitte Larsen MD, MPH
David Sandweiss MD
Cynthia Cannon MD
Emily Navar DNP
Marilyn Curran MD
Letti Rockwell RN
Matthew L Peterson MD
Tagrid Ruiz MD
Vanessa Galli MD
Kathleen Boynton MD
Jill Pendleton BSN
Jennifer Plumb MD, MPH
Brian Breviu MD
Graydon Harker MD
Shaneen Doctor MD
Judy Petersen
Alessandra Maw MPAS
Kelly Thomas DO
Saloni Shah MD
Christina Carthel BSN
Courtney Cavalieri PharmD
Sara DeLong MD
McKenzie Blatt BSN
Mark K. Dodson MD
Alex Jones, CCRP
Smitha Warrier MD
Katie Ward DNP
Sarah Wawrzynski RN
Nina Bennett
Celine Nicole BS Psych
Martie Nightingale CNM
Katherine Harris MD
Natalie Morris DNP
Laura Lockwood MPAS
Dorothea Rosenberger MD
Grace Orstad
Katherine Gillis BA
Jennifer Travarelli MD
Hallie French MD
Dilru Silva BS
Aly Oblock MPAS
Benjamin Greenberg MD
Nickolas Tobe Holliday RN
Bridget Schutz MSOT
Jennifer Bingham BS Health Promotion and Education
Rebecca Zingg DO
Patricia Murphy CNM DrPH
Heather Missy Berkel MSN
Connie A King RMA
Michelle Vo MD
Amber Mounday MD
Nick Levin MD
Kevin Semmens MD
Sydney Ryan BS Biology, MD
Roni Lane MD
Morgan Ferros MD
Jenna Mastroianni BSN
Joni Wirts BSN
Mark Owens PhD
Frank Zadravecz MD
Peter Yanke MD
Katie Willcockson MD
Amy Lebedoff MD
Adam Blancha MD
Forrest Wells MD
Emily Hagn MD
Katherine Carlson MD, MS
Cristina Regalado PA-C
Caroline Dillon BSN
Nic Kanaan MD
Harriett Gesteland BS, MSN
Kathryn Fay MD
Shilpa Raju MD
Julie Gustin MD
Angela Anderson CNM
Betsy Ostrander MD
Katherine Jorgensen DNP
Sylvia Morin MSN
Lindsey German DNP
Lori Manning RN, BSN
Jessica A Ellis PhD
Linh Moran MD
Amy Pasmann MSN
Rachel Baar MD
Becky Jo Gesteland PhD
Tamara Pool MD
Jeanette Walker FNP-C
Lorinda Coombs PhD
Maija Holsti MD, MPH
Angela Deneris CNM, PhD
Yvonne Contreras MD
Miekan Stonhill MD
Jen Eggebroten MD
Emery Boudreau
Chloe Cross
Adam Spivak MD
Audrey Jiricko MD
Pamela Carpenter MED
Riann B Robbins MD
Joyce A Pell BSN
Knut Hoversten MD
Peggy Norton MD
Rose Calame MSN, FNP
Sara Hake MSN, DNP
Seth Jorry Wright CTRS
Maria Godina ASN
Catherine Qualls DO
Veronica Faudoa ASN
Celeste Thomas CNM
Angelia Murdock MSN, CNM
Sarah Mullowney MD
Karen Bradley MD
David Warner Smith MD
Sarah Kidde CNM
Susie Rose MD
Richard Herlevi DO
Holly Webster MSN
Natalie Gibson DNP, FNP-C
Kim Brown MSN
Julia Curtis MD
Megan Kimberly DNP
Corrine Kolka Welt MD
Vita Kaplan MD
Karl Vizmeg MD
Vanessa Hartley FNP-BC, MSN
Osman Sanyer MD
Toni Laskey MD MPH MBA
Heather Feil BSN
Stacy Wilkins MSN, FNP-C
Claudia Gerard MS, BSN
Breana Reichert BSN
Jessica Page MD
Kathleen Timme MD
Jen Whetman BSN
Chris Anderson MD
Val Hadley BS
Erin Fuchs MD, MS
Kathryn Maurer MD
Franz Monroy MD
George Vargyas MD
Andrew Theilen MD
Laurie Niederee MD
Kandice Naylor Labor & Delivery Technician
Brandi Howcroft BSN
Tim Beals MD
Marcela Smid MD, MA, MS
Jennifer K. Workman MD, MS
Alexandra Eller MD, MPH
Lorenzo Botto MD
Emily Heider BSN
Per Gesteland MD, MSc
Lauren Wallace MS
Hildegard Smith MD
Mary Harris MSN, FNP- BC
Stephanie Hattonward RN
Douglas S Richards MD
Jennifer Jurynec MSN
Garet Schaerrer BSN
Ithan Peltan MD, MSc
Benjamin Widmer MD
D. Ware Branch MD
Michael Benson MD
Jana Fulmer
Sarah Nelson MSN-Nursing
Chelsey Vranes MD
Lori Stromness DNP
Erika Radford BS
Stephani Castillo Widmer
Nik Pazell MSN
Diane Moss BSN, MSN-Family Nurse Practitioner, DNP
Brittany Scarpato MD
Elizabeth Joy MD, MPH
Katie Hendrickson MD
Michelanne Shields MD
Amy Cutting MSN
Amy Stowe MSN
Brendan H. Milliner MD
Catherine M. Harris MD
Denitza Blagev MD
Rebecca Simmons PhD
Amy Sullivan MD
Catherine Platt PA-C
China Cox MD
Clarke Hilbig MD
Julie Gainet DO
Shannon Quinn Dunlop MSN
Joyce Gamble BS, MS
Pete DeWeerd MD
Sarah L. Woolsey MD
Michael Rubin MD, PhD
Jessica Kaplan MD, MPH
Yong Hui Ahn MD
Danielle Roussel MD
Kristen Carroll MD
Carolyn Anctil MD
Martha Monson MD, MSCI
Gabriela Vargas MD, MS
Saphu Pradhan MD
Kristen Vinik PharmD
Stephanie Morgan RN
Brittney Sartori BS
Joe Ferriter MD
Clare Valles RN, BSN,MPH
Jackie DuBois DNP
Kyle Bradford Jones MD
Stacia Moyer MD
Ellen Margles MSN, CNM, NCMP
Jennifer Van Horn MD
Joshua Knapp MD
T. Flint Porter MD
Hannele Laine MD
Erica Smith MD
M. Allison Mencer MD
Kirsten Stoesser MD
Douglas Nelson MD
Jiana Menendez MD, MPH
Kathryn George MD
Joseph Ferriter MD
Sean Graff BSN
Zander Curtis MD
Maya Bass MD, MA
Cresandra Corbin MD
Corrine Welt MD
Audra Hill MD
Jenna Steffen MD, FACOG
Pamela Adelstein MD
Alex Fox MD
Lori Phinnell BSN
Andrea McInerny BS, MD
Melissa Brown MD
Helen Feltovich MD, MPH
Diana Carvajal MD, MPH
Elizabeth Knackstedt MD
Ashley Kernan MD
Bob Toth MPAS, MS
Sara Horton MSN
Richard Wiggins MD
Kate Baron MD
Alison O'Brien MD
Jennifer Hastings MD
Catharine C DeLong PhD
Aimee Hersh MD
Shannon Dhungel PA-C
Katherine R Dunn MS Genetic Counseling
Mary Lassiter BSN
Dale Gody PhD
Jessica Johnson MD
Kyley Cox MD, MPH
Brian Moench MD
Jacqueline Murray MPAS
Camille DeLong BS MS
Betty Liu MD, MPH
Darin Ryujin MS, MPAS
Kenzie Wood BS
Rich Otterstrom RN
Stephanie Lee MSPT
Stephanie Daigle RN-BSN
Deborah Axelrod MD
Veronica OCallaghan BSN
Dan Crouse MPAS
Jody Laird-Doner LCSW
Katherine Thom PharmD
Renee M Holleran FNP-BC
Marge McCoy PHD APRN
Rae Murphy RPh
Cynthia Lawlor MD, MPH
Joanie Limb MSN
Brian Vukelic MD
Jenseena M. Pope AAS Nursing, BSN, BS
Emily Milch ADN
Amy Locke MD
Charity McDaniel BSN
Matthew Wolfe MD
Eric Swanson MD
Christy Hopkins MD
Susan Stroud MD
Patrick Ockerse MD
Wesley Williams MD
Kayte Suslavich MD
Jason Kidde MPAS, MS
Colleen Connelly MPH, RN
Peter Taillac MD, FACEP
Amberly Krop BSN
Jane Yee MD
F. Alden Baker PA-C
Scott Youngquist MD
Astrid Haaland MD
Rob Strupp BSN, MSN
Ryan Nichols MD
Paul Yannopoulos MD
Scott McIntosh MD
Oliver Brady MD
Tabitha Ford MD
Isabelle Armstrong BSN DNP
Alan H. Morris MD
Collin Cowley MD
Joan Eggert MD
Tyler Yeates MD
Larry D. Eggert MD
Justin Wilcox MSPA
Kelsey Barrell MD
Richard Rose MD
Holbrook Stoecklein MD
Heidi Sonali Magdo DO
Susanna Cohen CNM
Becca Pilkerton MD
Kurt Ted Bernhisel MD
Ashley Shea MD, MPH
Theodore Hartridge DO
Ann Bruno MD
Kristi Nichols DNP, CNM
Jeffrey Hardin DO
Marji Gold MD
David Dorsey MD
Keisa Lynch DNP
Deepika Reddy MD
Andria Holt MSN
Erin Fox PharmD
Lindsay Malechek Klimes MD
Robert Brickley MD
Kathryn Byrne MD
Tammy Park MD
Wade Harrison MD, MPH
Rixt Luikenaar-Robbins MD
Alana Aylward MD
Hilary McCrary MD
Robert Glasgow MD
Vanessa F Torrecillas MD
Karen Zempolich MD
Janet Wolf MSW
Hannah McLaughlin MD
Rebecca Ponder MD
Susan Culbertson MSW
Ellen Walker MD
Barbara Babson LCSW
Kate Lambert LCSW
Dana Boucek MD
Emma Gauci NPD
Alanna Brickley MD
Edward Sarver MD
Susan Etheridge MD
Vicki Greenland MSN, RNC
Robert Stephen MD
Rosemary Lesser MD
Emily Hollander CNM
Robert Gray MD
Alyrene Dorey MD
Shannon Leigh Son MD
Martin Tristani MD
Bryce K Peterson MD
Elizabeth Rutter MD
Alison O'Brien MD
Piper Richey MD
Merrill Lewen MD
Marissa Grotzke MD
Jennifer Reynolds MPAS
Amy Killen MD
Jill Alger-James MSW
Miriam Bastian MSN
Nancy Limburg MSN
Laura Anderson CNM
Vicki O’Neal MSN, CNM
Sadie Gabler BS
Fritz Fuller PA

As Pro-Life Warrior Lila Rose has stated, "the medical community has really been corrupted by Roe vs. Wade."

We ask pro-lifers to pray for a change of heart for these individuals. We ask them to have conversations with their healthcare providers and find out where they stand on the issue of life as it relates to abortion. We ask these 500+ Utah workers to cease their support of the life-destroying procedure of abortion and instead vow to protect and uphold all human life.

If you've ever been involved with performing abortions and would like help to seek healing, visit www.abortionworker.com .

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